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Get Started on Chemkart

Get Started on Chemkart

Chemkart is the 1st of its kind B2B Marketplace solely for the chemical Industry. Chemkart is the strongest partner to introduce your chemical products to customers all over India. Chemkart aims to be a complete solution for the global Chemical Industry.
At www.chemkart.comwe supportability
  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Exporters
  • Re-packers
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Indentors
  • The first step would be to register at www.seller.chemkart.com
    • You will be asked to enter your complete company details along with your bank details and KYC
  • When we receive your application, we will verify your data and documents.
  • Once you are approved as a seller you can list your products on www.chemkart.com
  • Every seller will be given a seller panel. The Seller panel will give you full access to manage your company details on chemkart.
  • When an order is received, pack the product and mark it as ‘Ready to Dispatch’. Our logistics partner will pick up the product and deliver it to the customer.
  • Once an order is successfully dispatched, Chemkart will settle your payment within 7 business days.
You are required to have the following documents:
  • PAN Card
  • VAT/TIN Number
  • Bank account and supporting KYC documents (ID Proof, Address Proof, and Cancelled Cheque)
If you do not have a TIN number you cannot register as a seller.
After all the required documents have been verified and your seller profile is complete, you can start listing your products and start selling.

Pricing & Payments

Saved Cards

It is not necessary to mention the price for all the products. If you have not mentioned the price then the buyer will be able to send you an enquiry related to your product. If you have mentioned price then the buyer can directly purchase your product.
As a seller, you will set the price of your products.
  • The list price of the product will be exclusive of all taxes.
  • The listed price of the product will be ex-warehouse basis.
  • Shipping cost will be additionally charged to the buyer on checkout
Once an order is successfully delivered, we will deduct the seller commission fees from the total amount and transfer the remaining amount to your registered bank. The seller commission will be pre decided with the seller.
The payment will be made directly to your bank account through an NEFT transaction within 7 business days of dispatching an order. The actual payment period may vary for reasons such as: how long you have been selling on Chemkart, seller ratings and number of orders fulfilled.

Listings & Catalog

My Catalog

Once the verification for your registration is done, you will get a unique user ID and password. With this you will get full access to the seller panel. In the seller panel you can add products, add images, add details, MSDS. You can also get access to your orders, monthly sales, check the clicks on your products etc.
Yes, we are happy to help you at every stage while doing business with us. We help you connect with industry experts for the development of your catalogs. With the help of our catalog partners across India, you can have attractive images and crisp content developed at competitive prices.
No. Listing your products on Chemkart.com is absolutely free. Chemkart does not charge anything for listing your catalogue online. You only pay a small pre-decided commission on the sales.

Order Management and Shipping

My Orders & Shipping

Chemkart will handle the delivery of the order through tie-ups withlogistics companies. Once you get an order,all you need to do is pack the product and keep it ready for dispatch. Our logistics partner will collect the product from your warehouse and deliver it to the customer.

For small orders up to 100 kg, Chemkart has courier service tie-ups. Orders over 100 kg will be sent by transport services.

If your area is unserviceable you will be notified via e-mail when your pin code becomes serviceable or you can contact us through email or customer care number, and your team will get back to you shortly.

Returns and Seller Protection

Returns & Protection

Chemkart has set up a Chemkart Protection Fund (CPF) to protect our sellers against fraud. You can request for CPF claim through the seller panel or through email. When the buyer or logistics partner is at fault, you will receive due compensation after complete inspection of the case.
Yes, you can raise a ticket from the seller panel and claim Chemkart Protection Fund. Depending on the case and category, you will be given a refund provided you have adequate proof that you shipped the correct product.
Chemkart will inspect the case and then decide which party will bear the cost of return shipment. If the buyer is at fault then the buyer will bear the cost, if the seller is at fault then the seller will bear the cost of logistics.

My Account


The enquiries mailbox allows you to check all your recent or past conversations along with the enquiry details. Every Chemkart member has an enquiry mailbox. Whenever an enquiry is received, it is automatically sent to your enquiries mailbox which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
Since you are in touch with a number of buyers / suppliers over a period of time, this section helps you to stay up to date with all the previous conversations. It is also extremely helpful in client tracking. Furthermore, the address book section stores details of all your buyers / sellers.
You can gain access to this section by simply logging into your My Chemkart account and clicking on the ‘Enquiries and Contact’ section on the top.

My Dashboard

It is a personalized dashboard for our members that allows them to update / edit business and product / service information.
You can access it by using your username and password.
To access your catalog or administer any changes, you would have to login with a unique username and provide a password. This will be sent to your primary email address.
Yes you can access it anytime, anywhere.
Yes. Chemkart has aiOS and Android App.
We would have already provided you a username and password at the start of your service. You can also take the following steps –
  • Visit www.chemkart.com/forget-password/
  • Fill in your registered email id and press submit.
  • A mail would be sent directly to the registered email address.
  • Check your mailbox, you would have received an email from Chemkart with the details.
  • Alternatively, we can also send these details by SMS.
Company profile provides the details of your Business; Company Name, Company Website, Product Profile, Business Type, Level of Operation, Product / Services you sell or buy, Statutory Profile etc.
It helps to build higher trust level amongst your buyers.
You can access company profile by logging into www.my.chemkart.com using your username and password.
Yes, you can do it as per your convenience.
Required information is; Company Name, Company Website, Product Profile, Business Type, Level of Operation, Products / Services you sell or buy, etc.
No, however, it is highly recommend.
It would be displayed in your catalog.
You can add:
  • Press releases / News
  • Job Openings
  • Testimonials
  • Franchise Enquiry Form etc.
It increases the visibility of your pages and similarly, allows sharing more information with buyers and build trust amongst them. It reflects that your company is a professionally managed organization.
You can add unlimited pages in your catalog.
No, it is an add-on with your services package.
We suggest you perform this activity yourself; however, we are always there to assist you.
It allows you to post news and press releases about your company in your catalog.
It allows you to post job openings of your organization in your catalog.
No. However you can post information of job openings in your organization.
It allows you to post your buyer’s testimonial in your catalog. It also helps your prospective buyers to trust you about your product and services.
Yes. Simply login to www.my.chemkart.comusing your username and password.Under the link of My Profile> Testimonials.
It helps in building trust amongst other buyers.

Company Profile

This is an inclusive feature for Chemkart’smembers that allows you to add and update your contact details, business information and your company fact sheet. Consequently, you can also post or update company news, press releases, testimonials and jobs/openings that will be further showcased in your catalog.
This section allows users to add, edit or update their contact details. We highly recommend you to always keep your contact information (company name, contact person, designation, address details, contact number, etc.) updated to continue getting relevant enquiries.
Benefits :
  • Relevant and latest business enquiries.
  • Helps your buyers to reach you instantly.
  • Represent your professionalism amongst buyers.
  • Assists you in promoting your company.
  • Helps Chemkart to communicate to you on time.
Step 1 – Visit my.Chemkart.com
Step 2 – Sign in through your mobile number
Step 3 – Go to Company Profile >> Contact Profile
Step 4 – You may add or edit relevant business information
The more detailed and updated the information, the more relevant queries you get. We always recommend you to keep the required business information updated. This helps us to get you more relevant and genuine enquires.
Business Profile includes:
  • Company name
  • Website address
  • Product profile of the company
  • Business type

  • Get relevant and genuine business enquiries from buyers.
  • Share credibility and information with your potential buyers.
  • Allows you to build confidence amongst the buyers.
  • Useful way to inform buyers about your goods and services.
  • Influence the buyers’ decision by demonstrating your credibility.
Step 1 – Visit my.Chemkart.com
Step 2 – Sign in through your mobile number
Step 3 – Go to Company Profile >> Business Profile
Step 4 – You may add or edit relevant business information
‘Statutory Profile’ allows you to add various information about your company such as company registration number, registration authority, CIN number, TAN number, PAN number, service tax number, VAT number and many more.
  • Increase level of trust amongst your potential buyers.
  • Get genuine buyer for your product and services.
  • Helps in convenient dealing between you and the buyer.
  • Demonstrate your credibility and convince your buyers.
Step 1 – Visit my.Chemkart.com
Step 2 – Sign in through your mobile number
Step 3 – Go to Company Profile >> Business Profile >> Statutory Details
Step 4 – You may add or edit relevant details
‘Testimonials Section’ allows you to post buyers’ testimonials in your catalog. This will help you build credibility and increase trust level amongst your prospective buyers.
  • Build trust amongst your prospective buyers.
  • Post testimonial that appeals your target market.
  • Represents your company’s image amongst buyers.
  • Build trust and believability in your products and services.
  • Establish buyer’s trust on your business.
Step 1 – Visit my.Chemkart.com
Step 2 – Sign in through your mobile number
Step 3 – Go to Company Profile >> Testimonials
Step 4 – You may add or edit relevant testimonials
This section allows you to post company news and press releases in your catalog.
  • Post interesting news about your company.
  • Share your accomplishments and achievements.
  • Increase the visibility of your websites.
  • Share important and newsworthy information with your buyers.
  • Create strong and positive image of your company.
Step 1 – Visit my.Chemkart.com
Step 2 – Sign in through your mobile number
Step 3 – Go to Company Profile >> News
Step 4 – You may add or edit relevant News / Press Releases
This section helps you post job openings and get potential candidates for your organization.
  • Post job openings in your company’s website.
  • Get quick response from right candidate.
  • Save HR and expensive recruitment fees.
  • Flexibility of setting you own standard.
  • Allows you to reach bigger audience.
Step 1 – Visit my.Chemkart.com
Step 2 – Sign in through your mobile number
Step 3 – Go to Company Profile >> Jobs
Step 4 – You may add or edit Jobs / Openings

Password Help

A password is a string of characters used for user authentication to prove identity or access approval to gain access to a resource, which should be kept secret from those not allowed access. In case you have forgotten your Chemkart Account ID or Password or wish to alter it, you can follow the steps mentioned below:


  • Visit www.chemkart.com/forget-password/
  • Enter the same mobile number that you had provided at the time of registration.
  • Click on ‘Submit’.
  • You will shortly receive an email/SMS with your username and password.
To change your password, please follow the below steps:
  • Sign in at www.my.chemkart.com
  • Click on ‘Settings’ icon and select ‘Change Password‘.
  • Enter the ‘Current Password’.
  • Enter and re-enter the new password.
  • Now click on ‘Change Password’.

User Registration

By registering your company with Chemkart.com, you get access to various business generation tools that help generate qualified business leads from buyers all over the globe. You can take the first step by following the steps below to register your business with us or resolve any queries regarding user registration.

Registration Guide line

By registering your company with Chemkart, you get access to various business generation tools that help generate qualified business leads from buyers all over the globe.
Your registration entitles you to the following:
  • By virtue of your free listing in relevant categories on Chemkart directory, you can start receiving business enquiries from buyers interested in your product.
  • Post buy/sell trade leads on Chemkart Trade Leads. Trade leads are the fastest and a proven way for identifying right buyers and sellers for your products. By registering with Chemkart, you can post and reply to trade leads posted by global buyers and sellers.
  • Subscribe to Trade Alerts (through e-mail) generated from Chemkart Trade Leads platform. This makes it easier for you to track all trade lead postings and responses relevant to your business.
  • Receive/send Trade Enquiries without refilling your company information everytime you send an enquiry, throughout the Chemkart network. This will help you to save time.
Registering with Chemkart is free and easy. Simply follow below steps to create your own account:
  • Visit www.chemkart.com
  • Click on ‘Join Free’
  • Fill up required details
  • Click on ‘Create My Account’

You can start using features/services of Chemkart network while the registration request is being processed.

Users, whose details have been confirmed with Chemkart, can continue to use the same username and password to browse through Chemkart network sites.

Our user registration process has been kept extremely simple to eliminate the possibility of a technical error. However, should you face a problem in registering, please retry after refreshing the page in your browser. If the problem persists, please report the problem to support@chemkart.com.
Chemkart values the privacy of its registered members and hence has laid out a detailed privacy policy, which protects the interests of all registered members.

Seller Help

Find Buyer

In order to register on Chemkart, kindly follow the steps given below:
Step 1- Visit www.chemkart.com
Step 2- On the top right header of the website you will find a ‘Join Free’ link, click on that link.
Step 3- Fill in the required information
Step 4- Click ‘Create My Account’
Note: In order to get enquiries from buyer’s you need to furnish more details like: Company profile, products you deal in and you can also verify your contact information.
Once the details are submitted, your free account has been created and you can access your account any time. However, if you have submitted complete information, the account will be manually verified and will be live within 24-48 hours.
After submitting the complete company profile and product information (like unique product name with image and description), your company’s listing will appear in the search results within 24-48 hours.
In order to search potential buyers, you can follow any of the two search options:
  • Go to www.leads.chemkart.com
  • You will be directed to ‘Buy Lead Categories’ page.
  • Select category from left panel in which you are interested.

Contacting Buyer

In order to send quotations to buyers:
  • You can simply click on ‘Buy Leads Tab’.
  • Select your product and purchase the buy lead.
  • After purchasing the Buy Lead you will get the contact information of the buyer.
  • You can prepare the quotation in the seller dashboard and send it to the buyer via Chemkart or by email.
You can also contact buyer through ‘My Enquiry Inbox’ after logging in to your Chemkart account.
It is recommended to respond to buyer enquiries as soon as possible to close the business opportunity.
  • Add a good resolution product image.
  • Add product name and description.
  • Always keep your contact information updated.
Relevant keyword is the best way to get a quick response. Also, swift response to buyers’ enquiry will also maximize your chances to get a quick response. On the basis of first come, first serve, the earlier you respond to buyers’ enquiry, the earlier you get buyers response.

Buyer Help

Find Suppliers

Go to www.chemkart.com and type the product / company name in the search box, then press enter or click on the search icon (e.g.Acetone) OR go to advanced search, write the product name, packaging, along with city / state name to find suppliers from particular cities / states. From the search result page, you can also choose / enter the preferred city of product/supplier you wish to source from.
Tip: When you start typing characters of the product, which you wish to search, Chemkart suggests you various list of items from which you can choose your best possible product.
You can browse suppliers / products at www.category.chemkart.com
When you search for a supplier / product on www.chemkart.com, the result page appears with the list of suppliers with a ‘Send Enquiry’ or ‘Chat Now’ button. You can click the button of the supplier and send your business enquiry directly to him.
For getting prompt response from suppliers, we have a service “Let Chemkart source for you”. This is a special feature that Chemkart provides to buyer free of cost. Note: Describing your requirement in detail and correct contact information (e-mail & phone) will help suppliers respond to you at the earliest.
Yes, Chemkart can assist in searching the right suppliers for you in the following ways 1. You can submit your buying requirement here 2. Email BUYERS HELPDESK at buyerhelp@chemkart.com 3. Call Us: +91 8828405054
Yes, incase of a complaint against a particular supplier, Chemkart does conduct a proper check and takes action against them.
The time taken is subject to the mode of communication. You can either connect with the suppliers via phone or chatting, which just takes a matter of seconds, or you can drop down an email, the reply to which depends upon the supplier.The Chemkart Mobile Application is another fast way of reaching out to suppliers wherein the app notifies the supplier as soon as you post your queries.
Yes, Chemkart helps in facilitating transactions at a personal level with the suppliers.
As Chemkart is a central platform between buyers and suppliers, so if at all a supplier does not respond to you, we can always help you with more suppliers who deal in the same product line. You can then easily negotiate with the supplier and mature your deal. Following can be the reasons for no response from supplier:  Supplier hasn’t checked your mail yet or he might have received your mail in his spam box.  Supplier might have stopped doing business in the same product.  Suppliers inventory might be out of stock.  Export might be banned for the required product. In case a buyer receives irrelevant suppliers he / she may contact BUYERS HELPDESK at buyerhelp@chemkart.com or call at +91-8828405054.
There can be numerous reasons for the same as mentioned below:  Supplier’s number has been changed.  Supplier’s mailbox is full.  Supplier may be unavailable due to any of his personal reasons. In this case you can always find other suppliers on our website who deal in the same product range or just send your requirement to Chemkart via “Let Chemkart source for you” and we will do the rest.
In spite of it’s rare occurrence, in case such a situation arises, we do take necessary actions after verifying all details of the complain. Since we don’t guarantee the quality of the services offered by different suppliers registered with us, it is always advisable to contact a number of suppliers and then choose the best.
You can simply send your requirement to us via “Let Chemkart source for you” and we will do the rest or you can contact BUYERS HELPDESK at buyerhelp@chemkart.com or call at +91-8828405054


Buy requirement is the current need of a buyer looking to purchase products from a supplier.
Yes registration is required to send a Buy Requirement.
 Mention the order quantity.  Location preference for suppliers.  One time requirement or repeat requirement.  Application of the required product.  Nature of your business.  Proper contact details.
 Simply log on to www.chemkart.com and click on ‘Post Buy Requirements’.  Fill in the required details and click on ‘Get Quotes Instantly’.
You can send multiple requirements for different products / services.
 Log in to your account at www.my.chemkart.com using your username and password.  Take your mouse over to ‘Buyer Dashboard’.  Select ‘Manage Buy Requirement’.  Now you can update / re-post / delete your buy requirement.
The buy requirement posted by you will be displayed after the approval by the admin. You will receive a confirmation mail regarding the same. If your buy requirement is not live within 48 hours, you can contact ourBUYERS HELPDESK at buyerhelp@chemkart.com or call at +91-8828405054.


“Let Chemkart source for you” is an exclusive facilitation program for buyers coming to Chemkart for their purchasing needs. This service gives privilege to buyers for satisfying their sourcing needs through best suppliers from their location. Buyers can post the details of products/ services they are looking for &Chemkart will source the suppliers and give you the best quotation for your requirement.
Click here and tell us your Buy Requirement(s) right now. To provide you with the most relevant supplier quotes, we request you to provide complete information mentioned below:  Mention the order quantity.  Location preference for suppliers.  One time requirement or repeat requirement.  Application of the required product.  Nature of your business.  Contact details.
 Send your buy requirement & get immediate response from suppliers.  Dedicated Buyer Service Specialist.  Locate the best and the most suitable suppliers from your preferred city.  Free, easy, simple way to contact suppliers.  Reliable & transparent buying platform.  Complete your purchase requirements in no time.
Yes, this service is absolutely free of cost. Chemkart has always helped buyers looking to source their products/ services by providing verified & genuine suppliers without any charge.


 Free, easy, simple way to find suppliers.  Reliable & transparent buying platform.  Instantly locate suppliers in your city and throughout India.  Send your buy requirements & get immediate response.  Dedicated Buyer Service Specialist.
In case of any conflict between buyer and supplier, Chemkart conducts a check of the supplier and takes appropriate actions. This is the reason we try to authenticate and verify the details given by the suppliers and provide them with Trust-Rating service after verifying the same.
Verified Suppliers are the ones who have verified their contact details mentioned on our platform. (email, mobile, address, company details etc.)
Trust-Rating is the service given by Chemkart in order to authenticate and verify the details of the supplier you are dealing with. The presence of a Trust-Rating icon indicates a proper verification and authentication of the supplier. Chemkart and its authorized verification agency complete the entire process in a systematic and orderly manner by checking all relevant information and documents.
Top Supplier is the tag associated with the registered suppliers of Chemkart who are leaders in their industry. Top Suppliers are marked with background color ‘blue’.
‘Trade Alerts’ helps you to get updates on latest sell / buy requirement from potential suppliers / buyers in a specific industry. Trade Alert is a customized SMS / email that delivers business offers / requirements directly for business categories of specific interest. Whenever a new offer / requirement is posted in your area(s) of interest, you will be alerted through SMS / email.
 Log in to your account at www.my.chemkart.com  Take your mouse over ‘Buy Leads’ and click on ‘Product Preference’ option.  Now click on ‘Manage E-mail/SMS Alerts’ in the left.  You can enable the required alerts under the ‘Alerts’ section.
There might be no offers for your requirement OR you may not have set your preferences correctly.


Services Faq

‘Company Listings’ help you promote your company across multiple pages all over the Chemkart network. You can review your company listing that are listed with the Chemkart marketplace. Benefits:  Increase the visibility of your company amongst buyers.  Promote your company across all Chemkart networks.  Review your company listing with Chemkart directories.
You can review your product listings that are listed with Chemkart. These listings help you to promote your products across multiple pages all over the Chemkart network. You can list your products under an appropriate category and maximize your chances to get more relevant enquiries. Benefits:  List your products and services with Chemkart Marketplace.  Promote your product on all Chemkart networks.  Increase your product visibility and get more enquiries.  Showcase your products to your potential buyers.
To get your company free listed on Chemkart, follow the below steps:  Click on ‘Join Free’ from any page of www.chemkart.com, displayed at the top left corner.  Fill up all the required details.  Enter contact and company details.  Click on Submit. Once the details are submitted, the company is manually listed in the relevant category. An e-mail notification is sent to the user confirming that the company is successfully listed. Please note that it may take up to 7 days to free list your company. Kindly ensure that the information submitted is correct and updated. Chemkart values privacy of its registered members and hence it has laid down a detailedprivacy policy protecting the interests of all registered members
It generally takes up to 24-48 days to free list a company on Chemkart data. However, if a company is not listed within the stipulated time, it may be due to the following reasons:  Wrong e-mail ID shared.  Incomplete or incorrect contact details entered.  Incomplete or incorrect company details entered.  Insufficient business description provided. For any further query, please contact us at info@Chemkart.com


Trust-Rating is a business verification service that checks a supplier’s records of existence, credibility and trustworthiness for the benefit of buyers. It ascertains the proper verification and authentication of a company.
For sellers to attain Trust-Rating with ease, Chemkart has devised a simple yet stringent process. The company has to submit a copy of documents along with a subscription application and specified fees. Chemkart’s authorized verification agency then verifies the documents and authenticates the data. It accordingly assigns Trust-Rating to the company.
Trust-Rating enhances credibility of suppliers and raises trust among buyers to deal with them. With all relevant details about the company in front of them, buyers are more confident to connect with the certified suppliers. This increases chances of increased sales for suppliers.
ChemkartTrust-Rating is not a substitute for traditional authentication/verification services. It is a necessary tool to establish credibility of a supplier online. It bridges the trust gap which is prevalent between buyers and sellers in this medium. ChemkartTrust-Rating is only indicative and not inferential for all practical purposes.

Buy Leads

You may follow any of the methods mentioned below: First Method:  Go to www.leads.chemkart.com  Search the product keyword in the search option.  Browse through respective product categories to see the listing of all Live Buy Leads in a particular category. Second Method:  Log on to www.my.chemkart.com  Subscribe to Trade Alerts for all your preferred categories.  You will now be able to view ‘Latest Buy Leads’ where all Live Buy Leads under your selected categories will be visible to you.
In that case, you may change your product preference settings to add more product categories. Further, you may change the location preference settings as per your preferred business region. If you still do not get relevant Buy Leads, then please mail us at: buyleads@chemkart.com or you may call us at: +91 8828405054
You need to spend a specified amount of credits mentioned along with the Lead to purchase any Buy Lead. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to purchase a Buy Lead:-  Go to www.my.chemkart.com  Click on Buy Leads Tab.  Under the ‘Latest Buy Leads’ section, all available buy leads shall be visible.  Click on ‘Contact Buyer Now’ against any buy Lead that you wish to purchase How to access the details of the buy leads? For existing user:  Sign in to your account using your username and password.  View the basic information on Buy Leads section. For new user:  Visit the Buy Leads Section.  Search/ Browse for specific ‘Product’ or ‘Keyword’.  Access the basic information of a particular Buy Lead by clicking on ‘Contact Now’. However, complete contact information of the buyer will be visible only after you purchase that Lead.


‘Tenders’ is a business opportunity notification service provided by the Chemkart Portal. It keeps you updated with the latest information on tenders floated by Government – Central and State, Public Sector, Autonomous Bodies and Private Organizations etc.
You can visit www.tenders.chemkart.com
You can view Tender information by paying Rs. 199/-
You can browse tenders by state, by industry or by authority. You can also search for tenders by entering your search word in the search-box.
No, registration is required to view tender summary but you have to register in order to purchase the complete tender information.
Yes, you can subscribe to free email alert. You just need to fill the subscription form to set alerts.

Opportunity specific information

Each opportunity will present the following information subject to the tender notice issuing the details:  Company Name  Name & Address of The Tender Authority  Product Details  Project Location  Tender Details  Tender Value  Opening Date of the Tender  Due Date of the Tender  Terms and Conditions of the Tenders  Publications  Industry and Sub Industry Type  Tender Number and Reference Number
Yes. You can access the notification after purchase. This will be in a PDF or in an Image format.
We source information from Issuing Authorities, National, Regional and Local newspapers / magazines as well from Trade Journals. We partner with other aggregators also.
You can use our preference section in the search bar to fetch preferred Tenders in the following ways: Product Name: Run specific product searches from our huge database of Tenders. Project State: You can search tenders issued from a specific state. E.g. – typing ‘Karnataka’ would return all the tenders issued from ‘Karnataka’. Project City you can search tenders issued from a specific city. E.g. – typing ‘Bangalore’ would return all the tenders issued from ‘Bangalore’. Company Name: Key in the ‘Company Name’ to get information on the tenders floated by a specific company.
 Filtered Chemical Industry tenders only.  Best search to reach the required tender in minimum possible time.  Free email notification service for your tender preference.

All About Tenders Alert

It is a system that allows you to receive alerts on your subscribed keywords for free.
You can subscribe to Tender alert by either of the two ways: Log in to www.my.Chemkart.com. Go to “Product Preference” section under “Buy Leads”. To start / stop email alerts, go to “Privacy Settings” section under “Settings” icon. Visit www.tenders.chemkart.com. Enter your registered email address and desired keyword under ‘Get Email Updates’ section & press ‘Subscribe’.
It helps to keep you updated with the latest available tenders.
Yes. However this is not advisable.
You will get it on your registered primary email ID.